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Tea List

Silver Needle This high grade white tea is entirely made up of soft, plump young ‘needles’ or immature leaf buds that are densely covered in tiny silvery hairs. Very high in antioxidants, the white tea buds are hand-picked at dawn and scattered in the sun to dry. The liquor is the colour of champagne and has a light creamy, delicate taste with sweet notes of melon. 75°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 2-3 mins
Jasmine Pearls These handmade Jasmine Pearls are one of the few authentic jasmine teas available in the UK. Soft young green tea buds are delicately infused with fresh jasmine blossoms to make the most fragrant, heady and refreshing tea. 75°C 1tsp 250 ml 2-3 mins
Jade Tips Jade Tips green tea grows high in the cool, misty mountain air of Fujian and has a clean, round, refreshing flavour and a pleasingly sweet finish. 70°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 2 mins
Dragon Well (organic) This delicious organic Dragon Well is grown in a stunning location on an island in the middle of the Qiandao lake by Mrs Jiang, who’s farm has been certified organic for 15 years. The green tea leaves are picked young and pressed flat in a hot, dry wok in the traditional way to stop oxidation. The liquor has notes of freshly cut grass, rounded off by a soft, nutty flavour. 65°C 1 tbsp 250 ml 2- 3 mins
Pouchong Pouchong is grown in the crisp mountain air of Wen Shan in northern Taiwan. Its smooth floral notes and sweet apricot finish make for a soft, creamy liquor that the locals call a green tea, though technically it is a very lightly oxidised oolong tea. 80°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 2-3 mins
Gyokuro Gyokuro is by far one of, if not the best, green tea from Japan. During production, the tea is covered with black curtains or bamboo and straw shades to increase the presence of chlorophyll and reduce the tannin content. The result? A darker greener leaf that has a sweeter flavour with no bitterness. 50-60°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 1-2 mins
Sencha Smooth, rich flavour produced in traditional Japanese style. Commonly used in Japanese tea ceremonies, sencha leaves have a distinctive glossy look and feel that provide a rich and full flavour. 65°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 1-2 mins
Green Matcha (Organic) This Matcha powder from Kyushu Island is a power-packed beauty, a high grade sencha, stoneground to a powder and ready to yield all the antioxidants available from a whole organic green tea leaf. A velvety smooth, vivid green, full bodied liquor with a creamy froth. This tea has a satisfying thick liquor taste coating the mouth with soft fresh green bean notes. 65°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 1-2 mins
Genmaicha (Pop corn tea) A tasty satisfying tea created by a glorious balance of fresh green tea and toasted rice. Originally created in Japan to make the tea leaves stretch a little further, Genmaicha is admired for its unique taste, green tea notes mingling with nutty rice, which is baked with the leaves. Processed in a Kyoto factory which supports independent growers by using only their leaves and working with them to produce the best teas they can. 65°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 1-2 mins
Yellow Gold A high-grown rolled oolong from Fujian that starts with a fruity flavour but becomes more sweetly floral. This is one of the four famous Anxi Oolongs (like Tie Guan Yin) but it is made from the top leaves of the first spring harvest in Anxi County. These leaves can be infused several times and the character changes with each brew. 85°C 2 tsp 250 ml 2-3 mins
Tie Guan Yin (Iron Buddha) Also known as Iron Buddha, Tie Guan Yun is China’s most famous oolong: soft, sweet, and easy to brew and drink, this is a supremely refreshing and satisfying oolong. 90°C 2 tsp 250 ml 2-3 mins
Ali Shan This oolong tea is one of Taiwan’s finest, high-grown teas – creamy, sweet and delicious. Bright notes of apricot fruit are balanced by soft, buttery undertones. 90°C 1 tsp 250 ml 1-2 mins
Mi Lan Dan Cong Dan Cong is the champagne of oolongs. The tender leaves are thoroughly fermented and baked to produce a rich liquor bursting with unique flowery and honeyed notes that can be enjoyed through multiple infusions. 90°C 1 tbsp 250 ml 2 min
Oriental Beauty This rare Taiwanese oolong tea has a special story behind it. The farmer only picks the tea once the tea jassid – a small cricket – has nibbled the edges of the leaves. The plant then releases an enzyme to defend itself against further attack. The resulting tea is aromatic and smooth with the distinctive, bright citrus flavour for which it is so well known. 65°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 1-2 mins
Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) This high grade oolong tea is hand made from tender leaves, curled and baked over charcoal to create an aromatic drink, with a distinctive toasted, fruity flavour and a long sweet, cocoa aftertaste. 95°C 1 tbsp 250 ml 2-3 mins
Organic Assam A fantastic organically-grown Assam from the Southern Himalayas. Whole leaf, with plenty of golden tips that make the tea sweet and rich, alongside the classic malty notes that are characteristic of teas grown in the sub-tropical Himalayan climate. Robust enough to take milk if desired, just brew a little longer. 95°C 1 tsp 250 ml 2-4 mins
Organic Second Flush Darjeeling A classic Second Flush Darjeeling from an estate that has been producing tea for nearly a hundred years. Refreshing and satisfying, with a more robust finish than a First Flush. 95°C 2 tsp 250 ml 3 mins
Organic Earl Grey This is not your standard Earl Grey. Made from a base tea of Organic First Flush Darjeeling, this is a lighter, more delicate blend that is best brewed lightly and taken without milk. Made with the finest organic Bergamot oil – straight from Sicily, for the classic Earl Grey flavour, and decorated with pretty organic blue cornflowers. Commended by Consumers and Judges in the 2012 Soil Association Organic Food Awards 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 45 secs – 2 mins
Lapsang Souchong The smokiness of the ancient and world-renowned Lapsang Souchong is present here in this classic Lapsang direct from Wu Yi in the Fujian province of China. The aroma evokes charred spruces, wood ash, smouldering campfires and cedar, with a full-bodied taste and long-lingering smokiness. 95°C 2 tsp 250 ml 2-3 mins
English Breakfast The neat, wiry leaves of two Assams from the Mokhroy and Siajuli estates provide the backbone of this tea, with richness from Feng Qing Yunnan black, a smooth creamy character from Ceylon black from the Doomgastawala estate, and a crisp, brisk, toasty bite from Rwandan black from the Rukeri estate. A very versatile tea, a quick brew is delicious without milk, but it can happily carry milk if steeped a little longer and stronger. 100°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 2-3 mins
Dad’s Choice (Orange pekoe) It has a pure and delicious black tea flavor that doesn’t disappoint. This orange pekoe tea goes great with your morning breakfast, afternoon tea or that delicious cup of tea that is a must have after dinner. 100°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 2-3 mins
Black Pearls These pearls are made from Yunnan Gold tea in Feng Qing, a small town in Yunnan, famous for its superior black tea. The leaves are wilted, oxidised and baked, then hand-rolled into uniformly sized spheres – ready for quick and easy infusion. 95°C 1-2 pearls 250 ml 2-3 mins
Vanilla Black A classic tea blend made with two high-grade Chinese black teas combined with organic Vanilla pod. A deep, sensuous infusion with a lingering sweet Vanilla aftertaste, this blend makes the perfect afternoon tea. 95°C 2-3 tsp 250 ml 1-2 mins
Yunnan Rose Rich, smooth Yunnan black China tea, mixed with whole, plump pink rosebuds gives a classic afternoon tea, deeply satisfying and lifted by the fragrant rose aroma. 95°C 1 tsp 250 ml 1 min
Puerh Raw This raw puerh cake is made entirely of the first flush leaves from wild, high-growing tea trees that are up to 80 years old. The liquor has a bright, fresh aroma that, within a few years, will age gracefully into a cake with sweet orchid notes. The taste is brisk with the lightest astringency. It will mellow, maturing into an excellent and refined puerh tea. 95°C 3-4 g 250 ml 20-30 sec.
Curled Chai This astonishingly moreish Chai delivers a vibrant, warming kick. Blended organic Assam and green cardamom, cassia bark, ginger, orange peel, cloves, star anise and green pepper corns to create a perfectly balanced spiced tea. Add a little hot milk and, if desired, sweeten with sugar or honey for a delicious, comforting brew. 95°C 1 tsp 250 ml 3 mins
Curled Karma (organic) A mix of Ginger, Fennel Seeds, whole Cardamom pods, Liquorice root, whole Rosebuds and Vanilla that make not only a beautiful looking tea but an easy-drinking and refreshing infusion. Spicy, warming and aromatic. 100°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Curled Chakra (organic) Ginger, turmeric root, coriander seed, fennel seeds, cardamom pods, clove, liquorice root and citrus peel are blended to make this slightly spicy, warming, sweet and earthy blend. All the ingredients are certified organic, whole herbs and spices, no nasties. 100°C 2 tsp 250ml 4-5 mins
Red Berry and Hibiscus A deep scarlet infusion of hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, raisins, rose-hip petals, and elderflowers which yield intense flavours of sweet berry fruit. 100°C 1 tbsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Lemongrass & Ginger (organic) A classic herbal blend made from zesty, citrussy Lemongrass, warming Ginger and a hint of Liquorice root for sweetness. The certified organic ingredients create a harmonious, uplifting blend of warming, slightly spicy Ginger and cooling, refreshing Lemongrass that is naturally caffeine free. 100°C 1 tsp 250 ml 2 mins
Lemon Verbena (organic) Whole organic lemon verbena leaves create a wonderful rich lemony infusion famed for its digestive qualities. The whole leaves are a delicate green colour, and when infused produce a yellow liquor with a wonderful fresh lemon aroma. The texture is silky smooth, and the taste evokes lemon and fresh cut grass with a hint of buttery creaminess. 100°C 1 tbsp 250 ml 4-5 mins
Chamomile (organic) Whole organic chamomile flowers yield a deliciously smooth herbal infusion with a mild apple-like fragrance. Believed since ancient times to cleanse and heal, chamomile tisane has great soothing and relaxing properties. 100°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Peppermint (organic) These organically-grown, high grade Egyptian, whole Peppermint leaves release a strong, fresh, palate-cleansing mint flavour. Naturally free from caffeine it is a great alternative to tea after supper, traditionally used throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa to soothe and aid digestion. 100°C 1 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Jiaogulan (Gynostemma) The Gynostemma Herb is a climbing vine that belongs to the cucmber family. It grows in the southern mountains of China and has been used in Chinese medicine for over 1, 000 years. Completely unadulterated and steeped in its pure form, the infusion has a smooth, mildly sweet pea flavour with soft, cucumber honeyed notes. 90°C 1 tsp 250 ml 1 min
Forager’s Blend This is a glorious celebration of the variety of the British hedgerow. Hawthorn flowers and leaves lend a floral sweetness, the hips of the wild rose add colour and a soft rounded taste, the nettles a deeper, greener flavour and wild strawberry leaf brings a fragrant fruit note. A unique blend that celebrates an ancient and valuable knowledge that has been handed down through generations, it has character and flavour that is compelling and moreish and we believe will fast become a firm favourite. 95°C 2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Good Night This is a mixture of lemon verbena, lemongrass, lavender and lime blossom and is fragrant with floral and citrus notes. Perfect as an evening drink, before bed to help you relax and sink into a deep sleep. 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
More Zest If you’re in need of an energy boost that tastes amazing, then this tea is for you. Green Mate, known for it’s caffeine like compound mateine, is combined with a truly invigorating blend of Lemongrass, Spearmint, Gingseng, Gingko and Nettle. The result? A fantastic herbal tea that gives you that extra zest! 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Harmony If you’re feeling your body’s a bit out of balance, then a cup of Harmony Herbal Tea could be just what you need. An ensemble of herbs including Rosehip, Anise, Raspberry, Nettle and Liquorice work in perfect harmony with the warmth of spices clove and cardamom to produce a really great satisfying drink – each sip a step towards finding that balance again! 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Time ouT What better way to relax than with a comforting cup of our Time Out Herbal Tea. A sumptuous blend of calming herbs and spices will help take away all the pressures of daily life. Simply brew, pour, sip, close your eyes, feel the peace and enjoy! 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Green Mate Processed in a similar way to tea leaves, its leaves are cut just before they reach full growth. The cut leaves are then steamed and dried then sifted and allowed to age so their flavour will intensify. This tea has a high caffeine content, similar to that of a mild Arabica coffee and has a vegetative flavour. 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Shanti A finely-tuned recipe to make a balanced blend that is bright with citrus lemongrass, deepened with fennel seed and delicately sweet with liquorice root. This infusion is warming in the cold and refreshing in the summer. Naturally caffeine free. 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Apple Spiced Different, Contented, Cheerful, Daring. Crisp character with layered spices and light cinnamon lingering finish, apple Spiced Fruit Tea is a seriously, delicious apple experience; one you’d only expect to find from a luxury herb and fruit tea. Naturally dried apple pieces mixed with cardamom, cloves, pepper and cinnamon produce a tea with a crisp character and light lingering finish. 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Fary Princess As every Fairy Princess knows, drinking fruit and herb tea that’s packed with Vitamin C is really good for the wings! Caffeine free and bursting with flavours such as strawberry and lemon, Fairy Princess Fruit Tea is refreshing and every bit as thirst quenching – especially appreciated after performing one’s Fairy Princess duties! With a great fruit and tart taste with natural sweetness, this tea gives you cheerful, different, special, contented, refreshed and inspired mood. 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Apple and Cranberry Apple and Cranberry Tea uses the finest ingredients so each sip imparts tart notes of fruit, a sweet astringency and a wonderful floral finish. Delicious hot or cold and definitely one to savour. The sweet tart flavour from freshly plucked cranberries and the crunchy flavour of fresh apples simply jump out from this incredible blend of fruit and herbal tea. Full flavoured with a rich fruity character, this tea makes you feel contented, refreshed, relaxed. 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Granny’s basket A fruit tea that’s packed with Vitamin C and tastes like creamy caramel is on offer, it’s definitely ‘Time for Tea’ . Whether you’re a teddy heading for a picnic, playing at dressing up, or simply giving out cuddles there’s nothing more refreshing than the fruity aroma and natural sweetness of berries to bring delight and depth of flavour. 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Zesty Lemon Combining lemon with this premium Rooibos herbal tea invigorates the natural Rooibos sweet taste. Zesty Lemon Rooibos Tea has both smoothness and the slightly tart citrus edge of lemons. Great hot or as an iced tea, try it with a slice of lemon and let your taste buds tingle! Smooth and slightly tart enhanced by natural lemon flavour, this tea is perfect if you’re looking to get detoxed, relaxed, contented, rested, balanced. 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Cherry and Almond With its taste of mellow and subtly nutty balanced by pleasing herbal notes, this tea has got to be the nearest tea you’ll find to the sumptuous taste of marzipan in a cup! Sweet almonds with a hint of cherry combined with the depth of premium rooibos and natural herbs produces a surprisingly refreshing cup of caffeine free herbal tea. It is suggested for a Calm, Rested, Relaxed, Contented, and Balanced mood. 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Coffee and Amaretto With a taste of creamy coffee flavours mingle with fruit and Amaretto, imagine the soft creamy notes of Kenyan coffee followed by delicious fruit, yogurt and finally, smooth Amaretto. Well, that’s what was created with this wonderful Coffee & Amaretto Rooibos Tea. A real delight. 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Cacoa and Red Rooibos Tea Cacao beans provide a wonderful chocolate flavour to this truly refreshing, smooth rooibos tea. Bursting with flavour, the lemongrass adds a pleasing citrus taste that makes this a very popular drink to enjoy any time of day. With its smooth chocolate and citrus mix taste, If you need to rest, relax, detox, and be calm, then this is the right tea for you. 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Honeybush With its refreshing and cleansing with hints of honey taste, honeybush is a caffeine free herbal tea that is as healthy as it is tasty. High in antioxidants, Honeybush is wonderfully sweet with a honey like flavour and whilst slightly astringent, has a unique flavour often compared to apricot jam. This tea is recommended if you need to detox, balance, content and relax. 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Clanwilliam Clanwilliam Rooibos is a tasty, aromatic, herbal tea that’s completely caffeine free and is named after the area in South Africa where it is believed the original commercial cultivation of Rooibos took place. Fine needle like green leaves from the Aspalathus Linearis plant are harvested and fermented; a process that sees the leaves change from green to deep red. The resultant Rooibos leaves produce a very characteristic flavour and sweet aroma. Delicious with or without milk and sugar. It has a fruity taste with sweet notes, and it helps in detoxing, relaxing, resting, and balancing. 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins
Rocket Blast After confirming with mission control (a responsible adult!) it’s safe to proceed, put on your helmet, buckle up your seat belt and get ready to launch with this energy packed fruit and herb tea that will take you to the stars! When mission control has added the rocket fuel, check your star charts as you wait for the countdown. It smells good and amazingly fruity! Ready? Great….time for blast off! 95°C 1-2 tsp 250 ml 3-5 mins